Bumblebee is a wonderful play based neighbourhood preschool.  It’s loving and caring teachers provide a fun, nurturing and safe learning environment for the children.  Both our son and daughter attended the school over the past 7 years and both of them loved it!  It gave them a sense of self confidence, showed them how to interact, share and take turns with their peers and adults alike, all in a fun and engaging setting.  The parent community is tight knit and very involved in the school.  

Tom & Stuarta U.

At different times, both my daughter and son attended Bumblebee Preschool.  Each of them had a wonderful and unique experience. The environment at Bumblebee was always very warm and kind, and the teachers were so supportive and caring.  The curriculum was always engaging and imaginative, helping to build a variety of  skills; everything from problem solving in social situations to early literacy and numeracy.  We all have wonderful memories of our time at Bumblebee.  

Susan E.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Bumblebee Preschool. I have now had 2 kids at Bumblebee for four years. My son had a lot of problems with separation anxiety off and on throughout his time there, and the teachers were absolutely wonderful with him. They were patient and understanding, and it was because of them that he was finally able to join in and become a happy and participating member of the class. I love their play-based style – they obviously enjoy what they do since they don’t just do the same thing every year. Creativity is the focus!

Sarah P.

I honestly couldn’t say enough about my boys experience at Bumblebee and the wonderful community that surrounds the school.  I have been lucky to have both of my boys attend and have spent time in the classroom with them.  The teachers are really wonderful,  the classroom is spacious with great light and the outdoor space makes for a great spot for kids to play and continue the fun.  Bumblebee is a very wonderful place,  starting with the at home visits which is a wonderful way for the teachers to connect with both the child and the family,  I love the daily show and tell and special field trips. Most of all though I feel strongly that the environment as well as the 4’s program gave my boy’s the emotional and intellectual foundation to help him thrive in school.  I am very thankful for the time my boys have had here and know that I will remain close to the teachers for years to come! 

Celeste B.

We don’t even know how to express our experience with Bumblebee Preschool.  With our oldest son being enrolled in year 2012 and our youngest finishing June 2016 we have consecutively for these years been amazed by the love and respect the teachers have given our boys.  They get to choose activities based on their current interests to explore while being in a structured time management program. The boys learnt manners, home/kitchen play, science, water table, reading nook, space with blocks and other toys, art, music, show’n tell, question and answer capabilities, field trips and learning about many cultural holidays to say the least.  The teachers encouraged the boys to play by facilitating social and humble skills along the way. Bumblebee Preschool has amazing indoor space as well as outdoor space and an excellent gymnasium for physical education. We wish we had a third child to enroll into Bumblebee – this is how much a positive impact the teachers have had on our boys.  We hope as a family we will keep in touch with the teachers for years to come who have made an excellent impact on our two son’s futures. We highly recommend Bumblebee Preschool to anyone and everyone searching for a reputable preschool.

Kam and Manu B.     

I highly recommend Bumblebee Preschool.  The teachers are passionate about early childhood education and are very thoughtful in the way they plan their lessons, crafts and field trips.  I had a chance to participate in the annual duck pond field trip and found that I was learning alongside my children about nature and the animal habitats.  The play-based environment of Bumblebee Preschool is creative and positive which allows each child to develop and learn in his or her own unique way.  Both of my children attended Bumblebee Preschool and as a result they were well prepared for transitioning into kindergarten.  I am so glad to have been part of the Bumblebee Preschool families.

Stella K.

We have had the wonderful opportunity of having our two children go through the 3 & 4’s program of Bumble Bee Preschool.  From day one we have been so impressed by the level of professionalism and love each teacher shares with all the children.  All the teachers are passionate in providing a stimulating and loving environment.   Picking a preschool is a tough decision, and we have been so happy as both of our children have thrived at Bumblebee.      The 4’s grogram was so incredibly wonderful for preparing my oldest for Kindergarten, it gave her all the confidence socially and academically to excel in Big School.  The teachers have been so incredibly supportive to our family, and I really do feel blessed to be Bumblebee parents.

Janine M.