About Us

Bumblebee Society & Board of Directors

Bumblebee Preschool is a not-for-profit society. A Board of Directors, consisting of volunteer parents of children currently enrolled at the school, manages the business and affairs of the Society. The Board serves on a volunteer basis, without pay.The Board is guided by Policies and By-Laws that provide parameters for operation. These Policies & By-Laws were developed by the Board and teaching team in consideration of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and related regulations.

Bumblebee Parents & Community

As a not-for-profit society, the success of Bumblebee is dependent upon the participation of its families. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to support the school by joining the Board of Directors, fundraising and by sharing their skills, hobbies, or family customs. Fundraising activities, such as a silent auction, t-shirt sales and holiday plants, enable the school to purchase items that it could otherwise not afford to buy.